The Bug Bite Thing

One of THE most irritating things about summer in our neck of the woods is the dreaded mosquitos. We have a lovely sliver of spring when they haven’t hatched out of hiding yet, and it’s simply glorious. When they do come out though, they arise with a vengeance.

Nothing is worse than being eaten alive… and then to deal with the itchiness afterwards is the literal definition of “UGH!”

I learned something new the other day. The reason we feel itchy is due to a reaction caused by the saliva/venom the bugs leave behind just under our skin.

Bug Bite Thing is a suction tool that extracts the irritants which in turn alleviates the itching, stinging and swelling!

Bug Bite Thing is reusable, kid-friendly and works on mosquitoes, bees, wasps, ants and other biting insects! The tool can also be used to remove splinters and other embedded objects!

I get it, it sounds a little too good to be true, but they come with a 100% guarantee so there is no harm in trying!

You can find them in black and white here: Bug Bite Thing.

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Book Review: The Creative Family Manifesto by Amanda Blake Soule

The Creative Family Manifesto by Amanda Blake Soule

My ⭐️ rating: 3.5/5

The Creative Family Manifesto was a very easy read. Amanda shared her thoughts and views on living a creative family life. Personally, we already do a lot of the things she talks about in this book but I think it would be a great read for someone who is looking to deepen their relationship with their kids and create a family-centered fun home environment.

The four things she focuses on are—

1. Self- developing or continuing our own passions and interests

2. Child- the development and nurturing of their spirit

3. Family- the deepening of the family bond through creating together

4. Community- how we can connect to both our local and global communities through the act of creative living

I kind of felt like I was reading a long blog post at times. Things get slightly repetitive in spots and I don’t think it was laid out in the absolute best way but she touches on a lot of great ideas. Again, I probably would’ve enjoyed it much more if I didn’t already share a lot of these views/so many of these things already.

I did end up saving some ideas to my notes that I’d love to try and also be more mindful of. Some of those things are—

⁃ A Silly Gratitude Alphabet

⁃ Thanking our elders, my children and myself often

⁃ Having a vinyl tablecloth ready for the dining table so we can have messy play more often

⁃ Games: Don’t smile, family charades, the endless story, what’s in the bag?

⁃ Family drawing time where we all try to draw the item in the center of the table

⁃ Make a small hand sewing basket for the kids

⁃ Garden stories

⁃ Seasonal nature table

⁃ A treasure of for each child to keep their special belongings in

⁃ Mealtime gathering and blessings

⁃ Birthday blessings

⁃ DIY coloring books

⁃ Family art night with extended family

If you’re looking for ways to deepen your family connection, slow down a little and enjoy time together, this book is an easy read and has many fun ideas to try!

xxoo Kate

Lamp Goods Antique Milk Glass Light Fixtures

Let’s talk lighting. We recently moved into my childhood home and the light fixtures that were here when I was growing up were still here. It made me sad to even think about replacing them because I have a tendency to form emotional attachments to “things” but we really wanted to make this house more our taste. Our style is not what it was twenty something years ago, so it was time for a refresh!

I started to look for light fixtures that felt like “me” and I was drawn in by the antique milk glass and schoolhouse style ones! I found some of the most beautiful (and affordable) pieces from Lamp Goods. They were kind enough to send me two pieces of my choosing and I can’t wait to show you what I chose!

First, I’ll show you what we were working with. As you can see, the ones we started with were beautiful but very 2000s.


The new fixtures that I chose included a light for our main entryway and one for in our bedroom between our closet and bathroom.

I love them! It’s amazing what a difference a simple light fixture swap can make!

The one we chose for our entryway is the MACHIAS. MILK GLASS PENDANT LIGHT SCHOOLHOUSE REPLICA in antique black color. The one we chose for our bedroom is the TRADITIONAL MILK GLASS CEILING LIGHT FIXTURE in antique black.

Something really lovely about Lamp Goods is their willingness to openly and proudly share their love for Christ. In today’s day and age that’s not a common occurrence so I really admire that. Check out the cute little tags! It’s such a special touch.

If you are in the market for new light fixtures I highly recommend checking out Lamp Goods!

xxoo Kate

Cozy Earth Bamboo Pajama Set (coupon code included)

Ok— I had heard absolutely wonderful things about these PJs and OH MY, now I can see why. They’re SO cozy. They’re made from a very light and breathable fabric and they’re even temperature regulating! They are also made without harsh chemicals/dyes, like shouldn’t everything?! And in my opinion they’re super flattering!

Little tip— don’t size up if you usually do! Sometimes when I shop, I’ll get a large even though I’m (usually) a medium because I like when things are roomy. This set is a M and they’re perfect!

Also, so you don’t have a heart attack when you see the price, I have a $65 off coupon code for the Stretch-Knit Bamboo Pajamas Set. If you’d like to get a pair for yourself or for Mother’s Day, they would make a wonderful gift to yourself or a loved one!

Code for $65 off: CANDIDLYKATELYN65OFF

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Derma•E Skincare

Just because a product appears safe and clean and has the word “natural” on it, doesn’t mean it’s actually natural. I know… it’s not fair.

Clean products are everything right now.

Many companies are getting more and more sneaky about hiding their seriously gross ingredients. Thankfully, there ARE brands that we can trust. Derma•E is one of them.

Derma•E’s products are 100% vegan, cruelty-free and also free from parabens, sodium lauryl sulfates, petrolatum, mineral oil and artificial colors. They’re actually proud to be transparent and happy to share a comprehensive list of all the ingredients they formulate with and that list can be found here.

I’ve been trying this lovely line up for the last couple of weeks and I am beyond pleased. When I first received them, I posted to my Instagram stories about how I was excited to give them a try and I received several messages from people telling me how much they love Derma•E!

I couldn’t agree with them more!

A little background on me- I have pretty sensitive skin. Most things make me break out. Winters are very dry here and my nose was constantly peeling. I never really did skin care before this and my complexion was kind of rough and patchy.

After using these products for only a couple of days, my husband even said wow! The difference was amazing! My skin was hydrated, showed less pigmentation and my existing blemishes had healed!

The Ultra Hydrating Overnight Facial (blue jar pictured above) is my FAVORITE! It gives the most amazing cooling feeling and it makes my skin glow!

The Ferulic Acid Resurfacing Pads acid make my face feel SO clean by removing dead skin cells and eventually revealing new ones!

I’ve been using the Firming DMAE Moisturizer for a couple of months now and it helps my skin survive these harsh and dry winters!

The Firming DMAE Serum helps to support collagen and elastin health. It brightens hyperpigmentation and minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles!

The Ultra Hydrating Alkaline Cloud Cleanser is my new favorite thing ever. One pump of very light and fluffy foam (like a cloud) and it’s enough to lather my entire face and neck!

The Hydrating Mist instantly cools and hydrates! It’s made with hyaluronic acid, rosewater and coconut water and it’s perfect for a little refresh or setting makeup!

If you need something to visibly lift, firm and tighten your under eyes, the Stem Cell Lifting Eye Treatment is the product for you! My tired mom-eyes needed this more than you know- ha!

I have nothing but good things to say about Derma•E! Their company is transparent and honest, their products work, and they’re not filled with harmful chemicals! I highly recommend giving them a try if you’re on the market for some new skincare products!

To check out these products more closely click here!

xxoo Kate

Intimate Rose Pelvic Floor Products

As many of you know, I recently shared my struggle with a pelvic floor dysfunction. You can read about that here. When I was first diagnosed I immediately started researching. I’m a total research junkie. Do you know what I found? NOT MUCH. As it turns out, no one wants to talk about vaginas unless it pertains to sex. That’s messed up my friends. Women’s health is so important and that’s why I’m sharing. WE MATTER LADIES. Your lady bits matter, and for much more than just sex!!

Here are two products that have helped many women find relief. Both were created by a pelvic floor physical therapist, a woman that truly cares for the well-being of the women of this world. Click here to watch my video displaying the products.

#1 Vibrating Pelvic Wand

This wand is magic for women that have overactive pelvic floor muscles. I struggle with my muscles seizing up and there’s no releasing them unless I use something like this to relax and release the tension. The vibrations (10 soothing settings) help to relax the muscles and improve circulation. The wand also offers a tapered end and either side can be used vaginally or rectally depending on your personal comfort. It is smooth and safe to use, covered in BPA-free silicone. The company in which it’s made, Intimate Rose, also offers a non-vibrating option for half of the price! Both are wonderful options if you’re needing help with pelvic trigger point pain!

#2 Premium Kegel Exercise Vaginal Weights

This is the best reviewed kegel set around! These are the go-to when prescribed by doctors and an overall best seller and I can definitely see why. These can be used for as little as 15 minutes a day to reach your goals! This set is not just for people with pelvic floor conditions, they can help you tighten and strengthen your vaginal muscles, improve bladder control and greatly increase sexual satisfaction and stronger orgasms. Um…. yes please!

If you’re struggling with pelvic organ prolapse, incontinence, weak pelvic floor muscles, childbirth recovery, a boring sex life, vaginismus, pelvic floor tension, painful sex, chronic pelvic floor pain (or so much more) there is hope!! Take a moment to check out Intimate Rose and their amazing products, you will be so happy that you did!

xxoo Kate

Lassig diaper bag review, take two!

I posted recently about my XL diaper bag that is DA BOMB. It’s my go-to bag whether I’m with the kids or not. Ok let’s be honest, I’m always with my kids… I did however lend it to my mom just recently to use as her carry on bag when they took a trip to Mexico and she loved it too!

My husband is usually the one toting around the bag when we’re out as a family and I thought, “hmm… maybe TJ would like to tote something around that wasn’t the color rose gold.” So wa-la! I got this one and it is equally as amazing as my pink one. I took it out of the box when I first got it in the mail and Tj was like *gasp* “is that mine?!”

Once again I went with the backpack style because having a hands-free bag is a must with three small kids. It’s convenient with just one kid!

I love how sturdy these bags are. The olive green color with the brown accents is also one of my favorite color combos.

The inside is cute too, but more importantly, it’s so functional. This bag comes with stroller hooks, a coin purse and an insulated compartment. It also comes with a changing pad. All of these are removable but when they are in there, everything has its own space. Yay for organization!

I love all of the compartments, it makes it really easy to find what you’re looking for.

So yet again, I’m blown away by these bags and I DO recommend them to my friends and the strangers that compliment me on them.

Use code PITC15 for 15% off of your order. Click here to check out their site.

xxoo Kate