The Bug Bite Thing

One of THE most irritating things about summer in our neck of the woods is the dreaded mosquitos. We have a lovely sliver of spring when they haven’t hatched out of hiding yet, and it’s simply glorious. When they do come out though, they arise with a vengeance.

Nothing is worse than being eaten alive… and then to deal with the itchiness afterwards is the literal definition of “UGH!”

I learned something new the other day. The reason we feel itchy is due to a reaction caused by the saliva/venom the bugs leave behind just under our skin.

Bug Bite Thing is a suction tool that extracts the irritants which in turn alleviates the itching, stinging and swelling!

Bug Bite Thing is reusable, kid-friendly and works on mosquitoes, bees, wasps, ants and other biting insects! The tool can also be used to remove splinters and other embedded objects!

I get it, it sounds a little too good to be true, but they come with a 100% guarantee so there is no harm in trying!

You can find them in black and white here: Bug Bite Thing.

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Lamp Goods Antique Milk Glass Light Fixtures

Let’s talk lighting. We recently moved into my childhood home and the light fixtures that were here when I was growing up were still here. It made me sad to even think about replacing them because I have a tendency to form emotional attachments to “things” but we really wanted to make this house more our taste. Our style is not what it was twenty something years ago, so it was time for a refresh!

I started to look for light fixtures that felt like “me” and I was drawn in by the antique milk glass and schoolhouse style ones! I found some of the most beautiful (and affordable) pieces from Lamp Goods. They were kind enough to send me two pieces of my choosing and I can’t wait to show you what I chose!

First, I’ll show you what we were working with. As you can see, the ones we started with were beautiful but very 2000s.


The new fixtures that I chose included a light for our main entryway and one for in our bedroom between our closet and bathroom.

I love them! It’s amazing what a difference a simple light fixture swap can make!

The one we chose for our entryway is the MACHIAS. MILK GLASS PENDANT LIGHT SCHOOLHOUSE REPLICA in antique black color. The one we chose for our bedroom is the TRADITIONAL MILK GLASS CEILING LIGHT FIXTURE in antique black.

Something really lovely about Lamp Goods is their willingness to openly and proudly share their love for Christ. In today’s day and age that’s not a common occurrence so I really admire that. Check out the cute little tags! It’s such a special touch.

If you are in the market for new light fixtures I highly recommend checking out Lamp Goods!

xxoo Kate

How to Feed Eggshells to Chickens

Composting eggshells is a fine option but your feathered friends could really benefit from them!

Each eggshell is composed of nearly 100% calcium. Laying hens need calcium in their diet in order to produce healthy eggs.

A lack of calcium can cause soft-shelled eggs or even worse, the egg could crack inside of your hen and that’s a really scary situation.

Crushed oyster shells are available to buy as a supplement for your chickens but the way I look at it… the eggs are free so why not utilize the shells? One instance when oyster shells are a great option, is if you’re selling or giving away so many eggs that you don’t have any shells to save for your flock. (Here’s a great oyster shell option).

Some people believe that the shells need to be baked in order to kill off any bacteria but many think that it is not necessary.

If you choose the baking route, just spread the semi-crushed shells out on a baking sheet and bake until brittle.

Bake at 350°F for approximately 5-10 minutes.

Put in a bag and roll to crush! (Kids love to help with this step!)

That’s it! They’re ready to feed to your chickens!

I wouldn’t suggest mixing the shells in with your chicken’s food. Serve it in a separate space so each chicken can eat as much as they’d like. I believe that they know what they need and they’ll eat accordingly.

It’s pretty simple and straightforward but a little something we learned along the way so I wanted to share it with you!

Sassy Maude

Do you supplement your chickens with their eggshells?

xxoo Kate

Laidback Household Chores Checklist

I posted a checklist that I had made to my Instagram stories recently and many of you said that you needed it in your lives, so here it is! Now you can copy and paste it and adjust it as you please! Keep in mind that everything below is just what works for us, you can alter it by adding or removing anything you’d like. I printed ours out and put them in dry erase pocket sleeves. We keep them hanging on a peg rack in our dining room and mark each thing off with a dry erase marker when it’s completed.

This works well because it’s in a common space and helps my husband and I to stay on the same page. We can see what is done and what still needs to be done! If you want to be petty, you can use one color and your partner can use another so you’re both pulling equal weight… I’M JUST KIDDING….. or am I? Happy house cleaning!


Receive/Sort Mail

Feed/Water Animals

Vacuum/Sweep Up

Wipe Down Counters

Rinse Sink


Wipe Dining Table

Set Out Food for Next Day (unthaw, put ingredients out)

Pick Up Toys


Water Plants

Laundry: Wash, Dry, Fold, Put Away

Vacuum House

Meal Plan

Grocery Shop

Take Out Garbage (Thursday)

Return Library Books

Church (Sunday)

Empty Fridge if Expired Foods

Clean Toilet

Bathe 2+ Times

Trim Kid’s Nails

Disinfect Handles, Lights, Toys etc (mostly during flu season)

Plan Homeschool


Call Family + Friends

Family Night

Cut Grass (seasonal)

We add each person individually that we would like to call so we can check them each off.


Mom and Dad Date

1st Week: Bathroom

2nd Week: Kitchen/Dining

– Disinfect Cycle on Dishwasher

– Wipe Down Inside of Fridge

– Clean Microwave

3rd Week: Bedrooms

– Wash Sheets

4th Week: Living Room/Halls/Laundry

– Vacuum Out Chouch

– Disinfect Cycle on Washer

I have the whole first week of the month to deep clean the bathroom. I have the whole second week to deep clean the kitchen and dining room and so on. I love that I’m not held to a specific day, basically I have to clean the bathroom at some point during the week. It works well for me, minimal pressure!


Wash Shower Curtain

Sort Tax Information

Do taxes

Clean Hard to Reach Places:

– Behind Dressers

– Beside Washer and Dryer

– Behind the Couch

– Behind Fridge

– Behind Stove

– Under Sinks

– Inside Oven

This schedule is such a personal matter but I believe this list is a great place to start! Hey, it may work perfectly for you too! Let me know what you think!

xxoo Kate

10 Ways to Get Your Kids to Drink More Water

Sometimes it can be so hard to get children to drink water. I think it’s safe to say that most kids lean towards the sugary drinks if given the option, but that’s not a very healthy habit to form. Things like juice or some chocolate cashew milk (my children’s fave) is fine here and there but what about the water?! Here are some fun ideas to get them drinking that H2O.

  1. Make it a game. Sometimes we all sit down at the table and have a chugging contest to see who can drink their water the fastest. My kids are really competitive with odd things like this so they are always excited when they “win”!
  2. Add fruit. Adding fruit whether it be lemons or strawberries makes it so much yummier! These stainless steel tea infusers are fun for the kids to dangle in their own cups. There are also water bottles that have infusers built in like this one. OR- just toss the chunks in.
  3. Offer a reward. Sometimes a chocolate chip goes a long way. “Finish that water and I’ll sneak you a choco-chip”—Works like a charm.
  4. Have them eat ice chips. I don’t know what it is about ice, but my kids could munch on ice chips all day. If you don’t have a built in ice maker, these portable ice makers are pretty cool!
  5. Add a dash of juice. I know we try to avoid the sugar but if it gets them to drink a whole glass of 99.9% water, the trade-off is worth it in my book. My kids love when I add a dash of apple juice.
  6. Put it in a fun cup. Sometimes putting water it in a water bottle or fancy glass makes it more fun to drink! My kids seem to carry it around with them and sip on it all day.
  7. Set a good example. Sometimes I exaggerate when I’m drinking water like, “MMM, this water is SOOOO good. I just love water. Water is the best.” It becomes a bit more appealing because they seem to want whatever I have these days.
  8. Explain to them why our body needs it. I have one kid who needs to know ALL the whys! Often times, if I just give her the reminder that our bodies need it to function, that’s enough. Disclaimer- This will likely not work on feral children. I know this from experience.
  9. Give them a straw. Straws just make things easier to drink, am I right? Even I find it easier to drink when I have a straw. We love these stainless steel ones!
  10. Make popsicles. Freeze water with chunks of fruit in a popsicle mold. These are the best to hand your kids when they’re outside playing. These molds work so well, and there are even baby sized ones!!  

I hope you’re able to try out some of these ideas and best of luck to you my friends!

xxoo Kate

The Ultimate Budget List

We don’t know what the future holds and that’s exactly why it’s a good idea to have a plan. Creating a budget is a wonderful way to get on top of your finances. By laying out each expense, you are able to see where your money is going, what can be adjusted and then you can figure out how to save up and become debt free!

Becoming debt free is a huge goal of mine so I created a budgeting list and wanted to share to help others with similar goals… or if you just want to see where the heck all of your money is going!

Below is my ULTIMATE BUDGET LIST print off.

Here’s to saving, becoming debt free and enjoying financial freedom!

Other valuable resources:

Budgeting Journal

Dave Ramsey Total Money Makeover

Cash Envelope System

My cousin also shared with me this super cool debt free chart that can be found here!

xxoo Kate