My every day nursing bra that I love oh-so-much


Sponsored by the amazing Kindred Bravely*

I wanted to share this top-notch nursing bra with you! This is the perfect everyday bra whether you’re nursing or not. It is not only comfortable, but practical. I was using my old sports bras for the longest time because they were somewhat easy to get to when feeding my baby. I really recommend using an actual nursing bra because it’s just way more comfy (you know I’m all about that comfort) and it’s more functional for breastfeeding because it’s compatible with more clothes that I own! I love my Kindred Bravely nursing/sleep bra! You can check out their designs here.

These bras are also perfectly paired with Kindred Bravely’s organic bamboo nursing pads that I posted about a few days ago! They’re so soft!

You will love this bra just as much as I do!


Ditch your disposable nursing pads and switch to these right now


Sponsored by the amazing Kindred Bravely*

Disposable nursing pads are expensive, non eco-friendly, uncomfortable, damp from holding moisture, increase your chances of getting infections, and the thing about them that probably bothered me the most – they were individually wrapped so there were so many little pieces of paper and plastic static clinging to me while I was trying to throw out the wrappers!

Switch to these Kindred Bravely reusable nursing pads!

I struggled with an overactive letdown, and even now being five months postpartum, I will randomly let down from time to time. They’re also not bulky like other brands so they’re flat under clothing and I haven’t had a single leak through mishap! They’re made of organic bamboo which is so soft against your skin.

The best part about these babies is that they’re only $14 for 4 pairs and they come with a cute little pouch! Make the switch. I can guarantee you will love them… but if for some crazy reason you decide they’re not for you, they have a 100% refund policy, no questions asked!

You’ve so much to gain with these pads. You will save money, save the earth, and have comfy pads on your nips even if they’re chaffed, cracked or sore. Breastfeeding can be so demanding at times but these will make things much easier for you and your sweet baby!

Cinnamon and chill

IMG_6104I became accustomed to staying up late with the baby so even now that she sleeps at night, I still find myself staying up and binge watching my shows on Netflix. Now, my husband has started this thing where my shows become “his shows” too mid season. He will sit down and watch some with me and get hooked and then I feel guilty about going on without him. I might add that he goes to bed at like 9pm, which is hours before I do so I keep starting new shows to find something that can be “mine” again. I have started three different shows in the past month and he’s come in and decided he loves them too. So…. despite the fact that Lost is now our show to watch together… I’m watching it while he is gone fishing with a friend.

Really, can you blame me though? Somehow, both children are sleeping and my mom dropped off a giant cinnamon roll earlier today. Yes, I carved out the center because it’s the best part. Also, because I know if I eat if tomorrow for breakfast I will have to share with a begging, persistent toddler.

Call me selfish, but there was no way I was about to let that happen.

Breastfeeding buddies

IMG_5506I am so blessed to have the opportunity to raise my children to know that this is completely normal. Breasts are the life source for babies, not to be sexualized. There is a time and a place for that. With that being said, feeding my child whether in the comfort of my own home or in public is neither the time nor place to attribute to sex or be shameful.

My dear toddler has caught on to our nightly routine (bundle in a blanket & breastfeed) and she decided to join in with her baby doll.

Proud mom moment.


Donut T


I am all about being comfy which is why I love this donut T! I wore this super casual outfit to Paisley’s birthday party on Saturday. I chose this for the comfort and the fact that it’s super cute! I got so many compliments on it so for those who were asking, Why and Whale! You can sign up for a Surprise Pack where they handpick outfits for your child depending on your kiddo’s age (ages 6 months to 6 years) and their style and a box with 3-6 items gets delivered to you every month! How fabulous is that? It’s easy, and so much fun for your child to open. Okay I’m going to be honest, it’s really fun for me too. I don’t know what it is about kids clothes but they reel me right in. They’ve got high quality clothes and adorable designs.

Click here to sign up for your monthly Surprise Pack from Why and Whale.

Paisley’s 2nd Birthday



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Our little Paisley turned two yesterday! Everyone tells you time goes by fast after having children and it’s so very true! The days feel long and trying at times but then all of a sudden another year has gone by!

Paisley slept until noon and then woke up and had some Minnie (or Mickey?) Mouse pancakes while her sister watched longingly. We later had family and friends over for a fun Sesame Street party!

This girl never ceases to amaze me. She went all day without her usual two hour nap and never had a single meltdown or even a moment of anger for that matter. She was happy, entertaining, and oh-so-cute! Even Winter was great. She took a nap for the majority of the time and when she woke she was as smiley as can be.

Potluck dinner, swingset fun, presents, cupcakes and even a little dance in the rain after it was all said and done. It was the perfect day celebrating our baby girl with the people we love the most!

Paisley’s outfit can be found here: swimsuit, tutu, Sesame Street shoes.

The final word on Blue Apron

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I had been raving to my mom about my family’s successful food delivery services the last few weeks so we both decided to take advantage of Blue Apron’s 65% off sale. Blue Apron’s system was a little less organized compared to the other services we have tried so far. The produce was all free inside of the box so when it came time to cook, you had to find each ingredient that matched. It wasn’t that inconvenient though, I mean all of my meals were delivered to my front door after all. Continue reading

Why I chose cloth diapers


Many people hear the words “cloth diapers” and think they’re a thing of the past. They’re the inconvenient things that our grandparent’s had to use on their children because there was no better alternative. People think that we have¬†“upgraded” to disposables. Sure, yes, they’re convenient but once you get used to cloth diapers, it just becomes part of the routine. Cloth diapering is 100% do able and they’ve come a LONG way. Trust me, they’re not what they used to. Bye bye safety pins, hello snaps that allow you to use your diapers from birth to potty training years!

I’m going to tell you why cloth diapers are so much better than disposables.

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My favorite pregnancy/postpartum leggings

Even after nearly 5 months I still LIVE in these leggings so I needed to share them with you. Blanqi’s Supportwear line carries leggings (and tank tops) that support during and after pregnancy. I wish I would’ve found these while I was pregnant but I’m so thankful I did during my postpartum period. They help with pain and suck everything inward in the belly and thigh region. They give the perfect smooth finish and all day comfort. What’s not to love? Anyone who is expecting, has just had a baby or c-section, or even if you just need a little support/sucking in, these should be your go-to.

If you want 20% off of your order, click here!