Memorial Weekend

We are all so busy that we don’t often take the time to spend quality time together. All chores, to-do lists, cell phones etc. were set aside allowing us to be present and so very thankful for each one another.

Friday, we spent a lot of time outside. It was Paisley’s first time drawing with chalk in our driveway and she had a lot of fun. She of course spent time in her car, saying “bye mama!” and giggling. She said she was going to nana and papa’s and kept running into the house to grab things she needed to bring with her. The essentials of course, taggy, blanket, stuffed pig.

Then, their daddy surprised us by coming home early from work! He tried teaching Paisley how to pop heads off of dandelions, and Winter touched grass for the first time and loved it.

Saturday we spent the day at the campground with my parents. Relxed by the campfire, listened to some guitar and singing and cruised around on a Minnie Mouse ATV.

And Sunday, we spent the day at camp with my hubby’s parents. On our way out we even got to see a moose. Paisley kept asking to give the “Bih-Moose” a “huh and tiss.” Winter had her first camp sauna tubby and smiled through the entire thing! (Everyday Shea Bodywash , Everyday Shea lotion)

Monday, we started making a living space in our basement and did chores around the house… hence the mess in the background. But we had to take a little break for ice cream of course.

I am so thankful for this time spent with my favorite people.


THE Cradle Cap Remedy


About a month ago I noticed that my 4 month old Winter had some pretty bad cradle cap. Let me tell you, I have found the remedy.

I’ll first start by saying, no, that baby that you saw with the crazy dandruff is not necessarily deprived or neglected. Some babies just have hormones that cause overstimulated oil glands.

If your baby has this condition, I have a very simple answer for you: Continue reading

The final word on HomeChef

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Final rating for HomeChef — 5/5 stars! I didn’t have a single complaint and surprisingly, my picky husband didn’t either! We loved everything we had which included Asian fish, Unami burgers, and Acapulco tacos. My favorite was the fish and his were the tacos but they were all amazing! And truthfully, I think his favorite were the tacos because it’s the meal he insisted on preparing! I highly recommend this meal service for anyone who wants some fun new recipes in convenient packaging. To check out this week’s menu & to receive $30 off your first order, Click here!

Healthy Tubby for Baby

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Fun fact: I have been on a total health kick lately when it comes to body care products. In the last month I have ditched just about all of our shampoos, lotions, body washes, deoterant, you name it and have replaced them with healthier alternatives. I just recently came across Tubby Todd Bath Co. They are an all-natural, clean, plant based company created by a mother just like you or me who wanted healthy things going on her children’s sensitive skin.

One thing that I’ve grown to love is when companies include every single ingredient that goes into a product and it’s all natural stuff! You can find their list here. They even have goods for expectant mama’s and bundles for travelbaby showers and more! If you’ve been looking for some healthier products for you and your family, Tubby Todd is a great option!

My fave cart-nursing-car-seat cover ever.

Ladies — check. these. out. I am obsessed with my Milksnob covers. They work as nursing covers for when you’re out in public, car seat covers that are easily removable and stretchy so you can ditch those unsafe canopies, AND cart covers so your precious littles aren’t touching all of those gross germs. I started with just one and I can’t get enough. There are so many fun patterns and colors to choose from. They’re the perfect gift for a baby shower, or for yourself *nervous laughter* I can’t stop guys… they’re amazing.

Fire up


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My husband’s boss invited us to his family barbecue tonight so that’s where we spent our evening. Side note: his boss is seriously amazing to my husband and our family. Paisley had a BLAST playing with all of the toys that belong to the girl that lives there! Continue reading

New Ring Bling



*Sappy Post Alert*

Look at this lovely surprise I received yesterday. God has blessed me with such an amazing husband. Not only because he loves to make me feel special, but because he is a strong provider, a man who truly cares. It’s been a year since he asked me to be his wife on Mother’s Day. Since then we have gotten married, raised an almost two year old, added another little baby to our family, learned how to live under the same roof, bought a new-to-us vehicles, graduated college, lost loved ones, lost friends, made friends, gotten new jobs, quit a job to watch our children, bought our very first home, took on some renovations, and taken off on a much needed journey with our maker. God has blessed us unbelievably. I love my new ring, and I love my husband!

Doorstep Delivery


I decided to try to get some meals shipped to our home and no, not because I am lazy! 1. It’s hard to corral the kids up for shopping and there’s no room to put groceries with both of my kids in the cart and 2. Because I am really not a good cook. I can follow a recipe, don’t get me wrong but I really struggle to come up with new, exciting things to make. For those reasons, I am going to be trying out a few different companies and let you know what I think! Continue reading