Smiles vs Splash

Yesterday was such a beautiful day

My daughters and I have been quarantined in our home for the last month or so. I’m a born-again new mom and I’m trying to re-figure it all out. You know, the schedule: the feedings, the naps, finding time to cook, clean, do the laundry, shower, use the bathroom, breathe… the overall adjustment to having a new little family member. I was starting to feel like a real crappy mom keeping us all cooped up inside. We were getting stir crazy.

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Tired, could be dying.

I can’t see straight. My body feels like it is one with my bed. I swear my limbs have a 10 minute lag after I think about having to move them to tend to my newborn during the night. I’m sleeping, but I’m wide awake. Even during the day the words I’m thinking in my head come out of my mouth as something completely different, and I don’t even catch it. No Kate, “hunny, can you grab the thermometer off of the microwave?” does not make sense to your significant other. I can usually hold my patience together until about 3am and that’s when I start to lose my sanity. Continue reading


Today was Little Winter’s due date… also Valentine’s Day! I had plans to dress the girls up in pink and red. Paisley even had a new pair of Lularoe leggings that I was dying to put on her chunky bum. We were going to watch the Valentine episode of Elmo and craft Valentine cards for family members. I had the ingredients set aside to bake my loving hubby chocolate lava cookies (a Red Lobster copycat recipe) and his favorite bottle of Moscato Di Asti was going to greet him at the door when he got home from work.

Little did we know…

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